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Residential Electrical Construction Services

Serving Columbus and the Surrounding Area Since 1983

Residential Electrical Construction Services Done Right

The installation of an electrical system requires careful consideration, as an improper setup can result in significant issues such as burning odors, frequent circuit breaker tripping, and other defects. These problems may remain undetected for years, potentially leading to serious consequences, including electrical fires. Emphasizing the critical nature of proper installation, we strongly advise availing residential electrical construction services.

Rather than investing your time in comparing various electrical contractors, consider reaching out to our residential crew for the job. Committed to delivering quality and precision, we will diligently navigate through all project phases, ensuring correct completion from start to finish.


Whether your project is large or small, we possess the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment to handle it proficiently. If you have inquiries about a residential project or require a bid for work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our extensive network comprises one of the largest teams of residential electricians in the region. Whether it involves installing wiring in custom homes or conceptualizing and building the electrical layout of an apartment complex, our manpower is well-equipped for the task. With professionals boasting three decades of experience, we possess the tools necessary to provide an unbeatable range of residential electrical construction services.

Residential  Services Include:

New Electrical Construction
Remodeling & Repairs
Service Upgrades


Fire Alarm System Installations
Security System Installations
Telecommunications & Data

Diagnostic Services

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

Hole Digging & Pole Setting

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